The heart of Mustard Seed Ministries is to bring the love and salvation of Jesus to as many people as possible both in the U.K. and overseas. We are seeking to reflect the grace, kindness and compasion of God for all people by reaching out to meet both their physical and spiritual needs.The name Mustard Seed comes from a Bible verse Matthew – 13 : 32

‘It is the smallest of all seeds,
but becomes the largest of plants,
and grows into a tree
where birds can come
and find shelter’.

Although Mustard Seed Ministries is a small charity we believe we can achieve the most by providing support to people or organisations that are already on the ground working to achieve the above aims. So rather than trying to own or badge projects we see ourselves like the tree, offering all kinds of support to indiginous people whilst aiming to enable them to become self sufficient in the future.

Mustard Seed Ministries are exploring new geographical area and people groups to work with. Alongside new projects in India, the Philippines and Bangladesh, we have links with Brazil, Haiti, Indonesia and Cambodia.

In partnership with Faith and Football our combined vision is to expand the numbers of young people who have the oportunity to experience overseas trips to visit a range of projects.