As a Christian Charity, we at Mustard Seed Ministries are very keen to bring your attention the very real concerns of children living in abject poverty, specifically the street kids who have no-one and nowhere to turn.
We feel that support in raising awareness and prayer is just as important as financial aid. If you feel as you may be able to help in any way whatsoever, please let us know.

Fortunately, so much can be done with even limited contributions from people just like you and we hope that you may be able to join us in bringing some comfort to these lost and deprived children.
Our work is on-going to say the least but with your continued support and awareness we can help the ‘needy ones’ even more than we could ever imagine.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look and read about our Charity.

Thank you all who go the extra mile for the kids in need,

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