Letter from Jane Walker


Dear All

Thank you so much for sponsoring Gary and I and for those who prayed for our safety ( possibly my sister the most fervently!) and for all the well wishes from the PCF team in the Philippines. Gary completed his ascent on the Matterhorn which was an amazing achievement as he climbed an almost vertical rock face in arctic conditions.

I was able to complete 2 days training on the glaziers, but the third day was called off due to bad weather. We were not able to climb Mont Blanc due to heavy storms and avalanche warnings so we climbed Mont Parasido the tallest mountain in Italy which was around 400 metres smaller than Mont Blanc.  For me it was still a huge challenge which was made more difficult because my heels were red raw from hiking on the glaziers a few days before.

Gary and my mountain guides were terrific as Gary carried my heavy boots and ice pick over the rocky parts of Mont Parasido allowing me to climb in my trainers until we reached the glaziers and snow, by this time my right foot was already infected and both of my heels were bleeding, and our mountain guides climbed at a slower pace and later carried one of my boots, lightening the load of Gary’s  already heavy rucksack.

I then changed into my mountain boots and crampons and started the  ascent to the summit, being encouraged all the way, Gary and I sang an array of songs from my own version of –  “Hi Ho, hi Ho its up the snow we go” to the tune of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Amazing Grace from Gary and a song we made up about how much we loved our mountain guides,  all this to take my mind off the pain in my heels!

Eventually we reached the summit which was an amazing feeling, not just sheer relief from my side but to be able to stand some 4,100 metres and see the world from the top of a mountain was a breathtaking and awesome sight.

I feel very privileged to have been able to complete this climb, which would not have been possible without the incredible patience, training schedules  and kindness from my climbing partner, Gary Chapman. For us knowing that PCF supporters had sponsored us,  made us even more determined to make sure that we reached our summits, to date over 4,000 pounds from our target of 10,000 pounds has been raised with more money coming in every day.

PCF Community Church

We are please to report that fundraising through MSM has been able to provide much needed funds and musical needs in support of Ron and Joanna’s Incredible work to continue the church to flourish.

PCF Community Churches are run in each community giving hope to the whole family through evangelism, Church services, youth groups, children’s clubs, choir and cultural dance, bible studies and prayer meeting. The Churches also provide spiritual care to all of the beneficiaries and staff for PCF’s programs and services. Currently the Churches serve over 1,050 people in its activities.

– See more at: http://www.msm.org.uk/pages.php?content=manila#sthash.dV0d1txh.dpuf