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Mustard Seed Ministries is a registered Christian charity. Our passion is to see lives transformed both locally and overseas through the love of Jesus Christ, so everything we do is with this in mind. Working in close relationship with a range of organizations, pastors and churches. Mustard Seed Ministries is helping to support projects in India, Philippines, and Bangladesh that are bringing a positive change to the physical and spiritual lives of children, the elderly and dis-advantaged people.



Dear all,                                                                                 October 11. 2016

Greetings to you in the blessed name of Jesus. The long monsoon period is about to end. The next few days or a week will stop the rain we have had for the last 4 months. Many have been killed, a lot of landslides, and a lot of road closures. Houses, roads, crops and vegetables are hugely damaged by floods. Rivers have swallowed many vehicles including an LPG gas carrying truck and a public transport bus with about 30-35 people on board, and also the former home minister with his family and security in his private vehicle parade have all disappeared in the last month.  One of my classmates mum, wife and 2 kids were killed when a landslide collapsed his home. He himself was abroad for work. We thank God that we are safe even with a lot of bad memories. 

We are in a long holiday period.  It is the biggest celebrations for Hindus.  They worship the god of power whom they call "Durga mata".  They believe this god defeated evil and celebrate it.  So it is about a month long holiday for school kids. At the end of the holiday they worship the god of money called "Laxmi".  After this, the people come back to normal daily routine. At present in Kathmandu valley there are very few people.  Nearly 3 million people have left to go back to their villages, leaving Kathmandu like a ghost city with little traffic, so we enjoy a pollution free Kathmandu!

The work of God and the fellowship are going on so well, and we have been enjoying and thanking God for His work here. People are so kindly listening to us, and respond respectfully.  We thank God for that. We will have some evangelism in the village here, sharing and distributing Gospel literature, visiting family and friends, so that we can use this holiday honouring and lifting up our Lord.  I am also doing a lot of home work in relation to my training. Recently I started studying a Bible College. It is Grace School of Theology Nepal.  This is organized by Grace School of Theology in the U.S.A.  I have received 22 lectures on Doctrine of Salvation and Principles of Biblical Interpretation Each month I take 1 week of class and a week of practical, and the rest of the weeks, homework, so I have a lot of homework to do. Please do pray for my study so I can learn Gods Word to equip myself to teach and equip others so we can build together Gods kingdom. Do pray that I will be able to continue my study, and that nothing will stop my learning His Word - not health, nor finance, nor any other obstacle.  

Thank you for your kindness, support and prayer. Thank you for your fellowship in His service. God bless you.

Karna and Santa Pandey

Bhaktapur Nepal


msm personal choice small logo   

Personal Choice, is now in its third year of this exciting 5 year project which continues to offer a valuable service to the older people in our community addressing the barriers, social isolation and inequalities experienced by older people (50+) improving their well being and independence. 

The services we offer have expanded and include:

  • Drop in Information & Advice Centre
  • Lunch Club
  • Prime Time (social group)
  • Trips out to places of interest
  • Patchwork and Quilting
  • Curling
  • Computer Club (IT training)
  • Job search and support prior to retirement

Personal Choice are pleased to announce that we now support 'Chat over Chai', a cross-cultural social group for anyone aged 50+. Chat over Chai runs very similar to Personal Choice's Prime Time, and is a great place to go for a friendly and fun sessions. 'Chat over Chai' sessions involve health talks, advice, support, interesting speakers, and exciting activities.

Personal Choice recognises that older people and their relatives and/or carers particularly in our area need more accessible information, advice, support and opportunities for social integration to address the problems of economic and social deprivation and improve their independence and well being. 

We want to offer a holistic service with the older person at the centre offering time to discuss issues, explore avenues and provide the information, advice and support they need to make their own decisions. Beneficiaries can expect confidentiality, one to one and ongoing support, advocacy, input from professional bodies, on a wide range of issues.

We aspire to:

  • To provide equality of service provision irrespective of social standing, race or gender
  • Provide the most professional specialised service for the elderly in Portsmouth
  • Empower the older person to remain independent and in control of their own future
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In support of the Phillipines Disaster  relief fund......

Here is another way for people to donate,,
To help with the relief fund COLONIAL BROTHERS are donating everything from their albums on iTunes  ,Amazon,, etc,,
Please Download these albums, 
In the spirit sessions and Glory.. 
You to can do your part and get something back for it. 
to help all the kids, and elderly we support. There are some amazing musicians that Feature on all the tracks including singers..
Olu Rowe, Lisa Barron, and Rapper,  Foc Z white is on a couple too so even more reason to download haha 
A BIG Thank you to Bob Ross & Papa Rick for donating their music to a very wothwhile and tender cause


Glory - EP, Colonial Brothers      In the Spirit Sessions, Colonial Brothers


Mustard Seed Ministries Receive the H.A.L.O. Award
Mustard Seed Ministries are Pleased to announce the honour of receiving the coveted H.A.L.O. award 
for services to the community.
On hand was Trustee David Helyer who was presented the award by the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth.Mr Helyer said that the charity had evolved into something much more than he had anticipated when he first joined.


Please help with whatever you can by clicking on the pay pal button,, every little helps,,, together we can make a difference

Calvary Open Hearts Fellowship: Lapu Lapu, Cebu
After a decade of persistent prayer, the Lord has finally blessed Calvary Open Hearts Fellowship in Cebu Philippines, with an 852 square metre piece of land!  It's to be rented for a period of ten years and will be acquired at a later date
 - a voice of faith !!!,,, see Cebu page ,, Philippines.
PCF Community Church

We are please to report that fundraising through MSM has been able to provide much needed funds and musical needs in support of Ron and Joanna's Incredible work to continue the church to flourish. PCF Community Churches are run in each community giving hope to the whole family through evangelism, Church services, youth groups, children's clubs, choir and cultural dance, bible studies and prayer meeting. The Churches also provide spiritual care to all of the beneficiaries and staff for PCF's programs and services. Currently the Churches serve over 1,050 people in its activities.

LITTLE ANGELS, Goa India, New toilets needed
Through our work MSM has developed a particular heart for children with special needs. Sadly there are not sufficient homes to accommodate children with such needs. We have an opportunity to make a difference, and MSM are now supporting The newly opened 'Little Angels' home, a localy run Trust who's vision is to give children with special needs a loving and encouraging environment with appropriate education and training to enable them to express their talents and become independant and self supporting adults. The dwelling is and has been adequate till now but with the addition of more children with special needs we are desperate for new toilets and showers.
Please pray that this can be done soon to make their lives easier.

Below is a Video for Warblington school,
A BIG thank you to them for their support and Fundraising.

A.F.R.A Home - Chennai - India
Urgent help needed
MSM have a long standing relationship with AFRA, who provide a loving home to 48 children aged between 4 and 21 years. The home was started by Josephs mother in the 70's in a small two room dwelling and this was all that existed when we first visited them. Gods love is really evident here and the home has grown and developed in the subsequent years. MSM have supported the home for many years alongside local support from the surrounding areas. Now one of the local organisations has decided to end its financial support, leaving AFRA to be under threat of iminent closure, we are praying for additional support to protect the future of the children and this wonderfull home.
A.F.R.A. Home Chennai India

News from Pastor Stephen ILIGAN Philipines.
The Building at the Dumpsite to which a certain Church rented for years is now our new Venue for our  Feeding  Center every Saturday morning, we are now renting it and we are now the one using it. We just want to thank the LORD for how HE provided for the 2 months advance and one month deposit as required by the owner before we could occupy the place.
We have now occupied the building and together we have singing, Bible stories and Games for Children.
We need your prayers for the following:
1.     The Building has no Electric power connection, we are still working on it, the owner have already given me the Land Title, the Notarized Authorization, authorizing us to apply for an Electric Power connection at the ILIGAN LIGHT & POWER COMPANY, INC.
2.     The Building has no Comfort Room (Toilet), because the former Church using the Building has a member whose house is just very near to the Building, so, every time they would feel to use  the restroom, they would just go to that house, but right now, the new owner of the house would no longer allow us to use their CR, the children  just go anywhere and do their thing, but that's not a good practice, we need to  train them on personal hygiene.
Please pray that the LORD will provide us for the Electric Power Connection and for the materials needed to build a Comfort Room (Toilet). Also windows for when it rains as there are none at this time
We will be using the Building for:
-         FEEDING FROGRAM every Saturday
-         PRAYER MEETING Wednesday afternoon
-         For Seminar on EVANGELISM & DISCIPLESHIP
-      Tutorial Class for Children on Mathematics, English, Science and Arts (Drawings)
-       For Training on Livelihood for the Parents of the Children
      -       And for other relevant Activities.

ILIGAN Philippines. Feeding & De worming Project
Breaking News
LINVOY PRIMUS CHALLENGE: winning school to visit Goa
We are honoured to host another visit with the winning school from Portchester, Portsmouth Hampshire. They will be accompanied by their Teacher, Marie Potter 'Oasis Church' Portsmouth who was their Mentor, Steve Rolls from 'Faith and Football' Naomi Hargreaves 'Faith& football' This is our 6th year and is a life changing experience for the young winners to see life as it is in India.

Bailing Machines arrive in Manila.
Steve Burnett of Compact and Bale:
Has now been able to deliver the first of a series of Bailing machines to further the support with PCF in Manila Phillipines. This will help the project in Tondo dumpsite become a more self sustaining project, it will enable them to recycle their waste and produce an income to support the many projects that PCF have ongoing.
P.C.F. working on the Dumpsites in Manila.

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