3 J 2. bible centre: Iligan City. Cagayan. 
New Jeepney for Pastor Stephen ILIGAN Philipines.
Pastor Stephen took delivery of the long awaited jeepney in ILIGAN CITY.
This will enable 3J2 Bible centre to be more self sufficient and will be a great tool to continue the feeding and De worming projects around the dumpsite areas as well as transport the church comunity to events and meetings who find it difficult to attend.
Because of the closure of the National Steel Corporation and related
 companies the city now has severe unemployment and associated
problems of street children, malnutrition drug addiction, prostitution
and pollution. The area is now faced with a situation of: over 50% of
families living below the income threshold level of  P 4,000 per month.
Pastor Stephen Villaester his wife Sonia and 2 sons are an integral part of the ministry to serve the people in Iligan city and Lanao del Norte. 
MSM are sponsoring the churches vision for a Children's Ministry
and a Feeding Program focusing on the children that live and work
on rubbish dumps and other depressed areas of the city.
Many of these children have a sad story to tell, many are neglected,
if not abandoned by their parents, some of them begging in the streets
for money to buy food.

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